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Dragon Prosperity Figurine


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Dragon statue for prosperity in your home or office, there are a few things to keep in mind. Traditionally, dragon statues are made of jade, soapstone, or bronze. However, you can also find them made of more modern materials such as resin or brass. The most popular color for a dragon statue is gold, as it is associated with wealth and prosperity. However, you can also find dragon statues in other colors, such as red (which symbolizes good luck) or green (which symbolizes growth).

The placement of your dragon statue is important. It is believed that the best place to put a dragon statue is in the east, southeast, or north part of your home or office. You should avoid placing your dragon statue in the south, as this is associated with fire energy, which can clash with the water energy of the dragon. Additional tips for choosing a dragon statue for prosperity: Choose a statue that you find attractive and that you feel good about having in your home or office. Make sure the statue is well-made and in good condition. Clean your statue regularly to remove dust and dirt.


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