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APC Back-UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)


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APC Back-UPS BX750MI – 750VA Battery Backup & Surge Protector with AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation) – Reliable Power Protection for Electronics

Safeguard your valuable electronics from unexpected power outages and damaging surges with the APC Back-UPS BX750MI!

This compact and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offers:

  • 750VA / 410W Power Protection: Provides ample backup power for essential electronics during power cuts, allowing you to save your work and safely shut down your system.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Corrects minor voltage fluctuations, ensuring clean and consistent power for optimal equipment performance and lifespan.
  • Battery Backup and Surge Protection: Protects your devices from both complete power outages and damaging power surges.
  • Dataline Protection: Shields your connected equipment (computer, phone, etc.) from surges traveling through data lines.
  • Multiple Outlets: Features battery-backed outlets for critical devices and surge-protected outlets for peripherals.
  • LED Status Indicators: Provides a clear visual indication of operating mode, battery level, and potential issues.

Ideal for:

  • Home Offices
  • Gamers
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Point-of-Sale Systems
  • Any application requiring reliable power protection

The APC Back-UPS BX750MI ensures peace of mind by safeguarding your electronics from damaging power disturbances.

Invest in reliable power protection and keep your data and equipment safe!


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